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Chris Lewis
April 18, 2022
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Work-Integrated Learning IND802, is a assessment for students pursuing a Management degree from the International College of Management, Sydney. In this assessment, students are asked to prepare a written report of 3000 words to produce a substantive piece of industry-based analysis and integrate work experience into this Report assessment.

What is Work-Integrated Learning?

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is a term that describes programs that connect university students with a company that is connected to their topic of study. Through a specific program, it tries to blend academic learning in a subject of study with the job and real-world experience.

Work Integrated Learning IND802 is a formal component of degree programs that are assessed and rewarded with credit points by the university. Students are required to integrate and effectively apply past learning and information to make and justify judgments in a work-related environment through learning activities. In addition, students are taught and encouraged to critically evaluate themselves by reflecting on their own judgments and behaviors in those work-related activities.

Depending on the context, Work-Integrated Learning might go by a variety of names. In the health field, WIL programs are referred to as clinical placements, but in education, they are referred to as practicums. Work-Integrated Learning is also known as industry projects, placements, or simulations in other fields.

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How can a Student benefit from Work-Integrated Learning?

Participating in the workforce necessitates both employability skills and particular job-related knowledge and skills. WIL’s main advantage is that it allows you to develop both of these skills. Furthermore, applying what you learn at university to a real-world problem might make the course and the material more relevant to your future career. WIL also has the ability to:
Boost your employment opportunities by creating industry networks that benefit your career by providing insight into your chosen occupation.
Increase your self-confidence as you have more experience in the workplace.
Increase your knowledge of global issues and industry challenges.
Broaden your perspectives.

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Is a higher education institution located in Sydney Harbour’s North Head on St. Patrick Estate. The university offers a wide range of courses at graduation, postgraduation, and diploma level as well as various industry training courses to students all over the world.

The college has 3 campuses in Australia catering courses in a variety of subjects like Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Management, Tourism, Hospitality, Event Management, Marketing, Sports Management, and many more. The college provides a number of internship programs that provide students with opportunities to prepare for their future careers and to apply (and further develop) their employability skills and gain valuable contacts and networks. At the International College of Management, Sydney every degree course offers work-integrated learning and has been considered successful.

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Assessment Details– Written Report IND802 Work- Integrated Learning

Learning Outcomes-

a) Examine and criticize the most common research methods utilized in business.

b) Plan, design, and carry out an applied research project.

c) Analyze and synthesize data to provide evidence-based and long-term solutions to a business challenge.

d) Communicate work-related concerns and outcomes to a variety of organizational stakeholders in a clear and concise manner.

The purpose of the assessment is to address a specific and real management challenge or business issue, ideally relevant to the partner organization or at least of
strong personal and professional interest to the student. In so doing, students can develop and demonstrate their capacity for high-value thinking and effective decision-making.

Assessment Instructions-

IND802 Work-Integrated Learning, this assignment is an individual task where every student has to prepare a report of at least 3000 words based on the knowledge they obtained from the Business Research subject.
Students will use the secondary data reliably and available from open sources for analysis, interpretation, and suggestions to further studies, including but not limited to reflection on their work integrated experience.
It is noted that this individual report does not need to contain a primary research component (e.g. interview, online survey, focus group, etc.), so the ethical issues are not applicable to this task.

Report Layout-

ICMS Cover Page
Table of Contents
Synopsis / Executive Summary
Reference List

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