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Chris Lewis
March 22, 2022
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Group 2387MIS607 Cyber Security



This subject will help the students to know what is cybersecurity and how organisations can use cybersecurity to prevent threats, risks, reduce financial loss and safety violations , limit unethical behaviour, improve customer satisfaction and increase efficiency . Following will be the learning outcomes after the completion of task-

Explore and explain cyber trends, threats and how to be secure online.

Examine and analyse issues relating to organisational data networks.

Evaluate and convey important technical and ethical concerns about the design, deployment, and/or usage of secure technology in various organisational contexts.


1. The mitigation plan for threat report should address the following:

Setting priorities for risks/threats

Analyse the case in terms of identified risk categories and scenarios

Apply standard mitigations

Discuss specific resolutions for improvement, and justify their significance

Provide recommendations for mitigating risk based on an assessment of risk appetite, risk tolerance and current risk levels (Choose techniques to mitigate the threats)

Make recommendations to the CEO on how to conduct risk management, key issues involving your process improvement model, including a road map, the identification of appropriate technologies for the identified techniques, communicating the strategy, and a suggested timeline.

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2. Draw a use DFDs (Data Flow Diagrams):

Include processes, data stores, data flows

Include trust boundaries (Add trust boundaries that intersect data flows)

Iterate over processes, data stores, and see where they need to be broken down

Enumerate assumptions, dependencies

Number everything (if manual)

Determine the threat types that might impact your system

STRIDE/Element: Identifying threats to the system.

Understanding the threats (threat, property, definition)

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3. The report should consist of the following structure:

A title page with subject code and name, assignment title, student’s name, student number, and lecturer’s name.

The introduction that will also serve as your statement of purpose for the report. This means that you will tell the reader what you are going to cover in mitigation plan report. You will need to inform the reader of:

Your area of research and its context (how to mitigate or manage threats)

The key concepts you will be addressing

What the reader can expect to find in the body of the report

The body of the report will need to respond to the specific requirements of the case study. It is advised that you use the case study to assist you in structuring the report. Set priorities for identified threats and analyse the case in terms of identified risk categories and discuss specific resolutions and recommendations for improvements in the body of the report.

The conclusion (will summarise any findings or recommendations that the report puts forward regarding the concepts covered in the report.

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