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Chris Lewis
March 22, 2022
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Group 2387MN621 Advanced Network Design Exam


During this course, both local and wide area networks will be able to be planned, designed, configured, tested, and troubleshot by students. They will get a solid understanding of switching and routing concepts, as well as practical knowledge on how to utilize and configure network devices including routers and switches. Also, students will be able to administer both local and wide area networks successfully. Some of the topics included in the unit are-

WAN design concepts and configurations

LAN design concepts and configuration

LAN and WAN networks testing and troubleshooting

Enterprise Networks: Software Defined Networking (SDN), Internet of Things (IOT)


Following are the recent inquiries received for this course


Draw and explain a network diagram with segment routing. (3+7=10 Marks)
a. The network diagram should have the following features:

at least 6 routers

Write labels with 2 numeric numbers starting with any of the middle parts of your MITID.

Write IPV6 starting with your first 2 digits of your MITID.

b. Explain the above network segment routing operation in 5-6 sentences.

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You are given class C IP address 192.148.10.XX (replace XX with your last 2 digits of your MITID) accompanied by a custom subnet mask of Find the following: (1+1+2+2 = 6 Marks)

How many subnets can be created?

How many hosts in each subnet can be created?

Write the range of usable IP Addresses in the first subnet.

Write the range of usable IP Addresses in the last subnet.


In Figure 1. Unicast Loop-Free Path, replace X and Y with any two digits of your MITID. Calculate Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) paths and draw a network topology. (5 Marks)

Question 3


Write an application case study with a network diagram including the following topics (5 Marks)

– SD-WAN, Cloud, Fog Computing

– Bluetooth

– Redundant

– Resilient and measures of resilience

– Troubleshooting with a half split and move method .

Highlight with bold letters for each of the above keywords.


Read the following case study and answer questions. (2+1+2=5 Marks)XYZ is a global manufacturer of protective and specialty packaging for food and consumer goods as well as cleaning and hygiene solutions known for brands like Bubble wrap, Cryovac, and Diversey Care cleaning and hygiene. XYZ wanted to improve some of their products as their customers wanted to increase energy efficiency and compliance. To do this, they needed new insights for their products. They decided to start with the SoftCare Line soap and sanitizer dispenser.

Answer the following questions for the above case study:

Build IoT network for smart Soap Dispenser. Write description of how do you build IoT network for minimum of 10 dispensers. (2 Marks)

Draw a diagram of an IoT enabled dispenser with IoT network architecture. (1 Mark)

Write how you can analyze data gathered by all IoT and display it to resource managers for inventory management aspects. (2 Marks)


Explain the following diagram as shown in Figure2. IPv6 Network, for Ethernet over IP problem in your own words. How can you overcome this problem? (5 marks)

Question 6


Consider Figure3. Network of 6 routers and write the step-by-step method for calculating path for Dijkstra’s Shortest Path First algorithm. Replace X and Y with your MITID, any two digits from the last 4 digits. Fill in the following Table1. ( 15marks)

Question 7Question7-2
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