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Chris Lewis
April 18, 2022
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Information Technology And Strategic Management

Information technology (IT) is the process of creation, processing, storage, security, and sharing of all types of electronic data using computers, storage, networking, and other physical devices, infrastructure, and procedures.

In contrast to the technology utilized for personal or leisure purposes, IT is typically used in the context of corporate activities. Computer technology and telecommunications are both included in the business usage of IT.

In the field of management, Strategic management is the process of establishing goals, procedures, and objectives in order to improve the competitiveness of a firm or organization. Typically, strategic management focuses on efficiently allocating personnel and resources to meet these objectives. Strategic management frequently entails strategy appraisal, internal organization analysis, and strategy implementation across the enterprise.

Information Technology can create a competitive advantage for a business organisation and can improve its competitiveness in the marketplace. The business organization should apply this technology in their business operations effectively in order to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

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University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth is situated in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. The university is successfully offering Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Ph.D., and online courses to students all over the world. The university comes among the top 20 universities in the world.

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Assessment Details

Learning Outcomes:

Analyze and assess the information integration needs for an engineering system critically, and utilize sophisticated information and communication technologies effectively. Create an implementation strategy for effective information processing and management by critically analyzing information system requirements while taking into consideration commercial and industrial restrictions.

Examine existing organizational structures and operational processes, as well as critically analyze and apply theories and methods for managing organizational and technological change. Critically assess and apply theories and strategies for managing organizational and technical change, including the project manager’s role in the engineering and technological sectors.

This coursework has to be done individually. The word limit should not exceed 3000 words. If you are using a number of tables and illustrations, your report can be shorter than 3,000 words, provided that the amount of work is equivalent to producing a 3,000 words report. You are encouraged to use tables and technical instructions. This coursework represents 80% of your final module marks.

Case study – UCB(A): Managing Information for Globalisation and Innovation

Answer the five questions shown below on the basis of your understanding of the case study. Each question is worth 20 marks.

Question 1: Prepare lists of:

(1) all the successful initiatives that the UCB IT group has achieved and
(2) all the remaining challenges.
Include as many details as possible, but remain concise, for example, by using tables. Based on these two lists and on other information from the case, perform
a maturity audit of the IT group as an organization. Make sure that you critically identify a suitable capability maturity framework to perform this audit.

Question 2: Classify the challenges discussed in question 1:

a. Along with the cost pyramid (Exhibit 16 of the case handout);
b. The extent to which they contribute to, or support, globalization or innovation (for this
part explains what is meant by globalization and innovation in the context of the case);
c. The likely effort in terms of time and money that are required.

Question 3: On page 30 of the case, Damien expresses concern about the fact that past projects have focused on the ‘optimize cost’ part of the pyramid rather than ‘create and increase value”. Do you agree with this concern? Or do you think that ‘IT does not matter and thus that it cannot be used to create and increase value?

Question 4: Consider the fact that the list of activities shown on page 30 was prepared in 2002. What would be different today, in terms of technologies and information solutions, when considering this list of activities?

Question 5: Given your answers to the above questions, how would you approach the budget-planning meeting with the Executive Committee if you were Damien Vincent? How would you rank the project by priority in your presentation? Would you include any other projects or initiatives? If so, explain why. Describe how you would present the project/initiative at the budget meeting.

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