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Chris Lewis
March 22, 2022
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Group 2387ITECH7415 Masters Project


This subject will help the students to learn and understand the following topics- Requirement Analysis & Modelling, Problem Solving, Creative and Critical Thinking, Project Management, Change and Risk Management.


1) Analyse and interpret clients’ business processes and IT/IS requirements.
2) Identify possible solutions to a client’s IT/IS demands, issues, and opportunities.
3) Apply ideas and principles from other IT/IS courses to address or fix the client’s current issues.
4) Manage a project’s legal, ethical, privacy, and/or security issues.


1. A student has to Actively participate in and contribute to group collaboration, research, workshops, teamwork, and/or professional communication/meetings.
2. Develop, recommend, and assess IT/IS business solutions. Product demonstration and/or final project report.
3. Following Assessments:

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Project Storyboard

Purpose: This assessment is purposed to portray an understanding of the allocated project. Requirements: Outline the client’s preferred way of working with the students and client’s expectations.

Weekly Stand-Ups

Purpose: This assessment is purposed to demonstrate weekly Project accomplishments.

Product Roadmap

Purpose: This assessment is purposed to outline the goals, milestones, and deliverables for a product in development.

Requirements: A general timeframe for when you will develop and release products/deliverables

Deliverd orders
Client Ratings
Sprint Retrospective

Purpose: This assessment is designed to assist you in documenting and demonstrating your learnings in the project.

Requirements: Project documents and sprint reflections (video recording) on Mahara

Product Demonstration

Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to provide a comprehensive description of project deliverables. The structure of the presentation should cover the different artefacts or aspects of the artefacts developed in the course of the project. Requirements:The structure of the report should be decided by students, and should include a detailed description of the artefact as a solution to the project problem being addressed.

Project Write-up

Purpose: The project report highlights the conclusion of the project and provides comprehensive discussion of the project.

Requirements:This document should cover ALL aspects of the project and include solutions to the project problem.

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