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Refund Policy

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Our Refund Policy

At QuickAssignmentHub.com, accessible from https://QuickAssignmentHub.com/, one of our main priorities is the privacy of our visitors. This Refund Policy document contains types of information that is collected and recorded by QuickAssignmentHub.com and how we use it. If you have additional questions or require more information about our Refund Policy, do not hesitate to contact us. This Refund Policy applies only to our online activities and is valid for visitors to our website with regards to the information that they shared and/or collect in QuickAssignmentHub.com. This policy is not applicable to any information collected offline or via channels other than this website.

Refund:- It means, a sum of amount agreed to be returned to the web wallet or any sum of amount adjusted in future orders, from the total amount paid by the customer for any order excluding any processing or payment gateway charges

Refund Value:- The value or the magnitude of the amount to be refunded to the customer for any order or incident

Refund Claim:- The refund must be claimed on the order conversation using the applicable mode of communication

Cases of Refund:- We always quote, accept & deliver work with an absolute throughput of 100% and we assure you that you will not experience any such lag in the quality of service, however, if it might happen then the refund ‘claim, & value’ acceptable shall be in the following manner

Failed:- It means the client has received the solutions to study but submitted same solutions without any modification minor or major & has claimed within 30 days from first submission or final deadline whichever is lower

Claim Grades Obtained University Verdict Claim Status Refund Value
Failed Lesser than 50% Failed / F Accepted 0%
Failed Lesser than 50% Pass or equivalent Rejected 0%
Failed Higher than 50% Failed / F Any 80%

Cancellation:- It means the client has placed a command to stop working on the order as per the reasons best known to him

Claim Grades Obtained University Verdict Claim Status Refund Value
Cancellation Started At least 90% Accepted 50% of unused amount
Cancellation Not Started At least 90% Rejected 75% of total amount
Cancellation Any 25% or less Any 0%
Cancellation Started Failed / F 36 hrs or less 0%

Exceptions on Refund:- Following are some exceptions to our policy of refund

Delay:- Our success rate of meeting deadline is more than 98.3% & so we do not receive such claims & thus, we shall not be able to accept any claim basis the delay

Less Grades:- No refund claim shall be accepted if the client has passed but received grades less than expectations.

No Grade Sheet/Proof:- No refund claim shall be accepted if the client is not able to share any authentic proof of getting failed

No Reason:- No refund claim shall be accepted if the client is not able to prove the reason of failed; the reasons could be of any issues at the client’s end

Revision or Rework:- Revision is an opportunity given by the client to the website to remove any deficiency in the quality of solutions

Reasonable Time:- The client is expected to allow a reasonable amount of time of at least 24 hours in case of minor or more in case of major changes. If the final deadline given to the website has not expire then the reasonable time could also exceed up to the final deadline

Reasonable Chances:- The client is expected to allow at least 2 chances if the value or order is less than or equal to 50 (in any currency)

Reasonable Claim:- The client should claim any revision if the original instructions were not followed. Additional changes shall be charged further

Reasonable Recommendations:- The client is expected to share all the details or additional details at the time of placing the order, however, any sample or additional detail, reference or notes or else received after 50% of the deadline or 50% of work completion or not aligned with the initial requirements shall be charged additional or subject to expert’s approval.

Reasonable Duration:- The client is allowed to contact for free revisions for meeting the original requirements up to a period of 30 days from first submission or from the final deadline whichever is less.

Rejection of Claim:- Solutions once delivered shall not be allowed to revise based on any sample submitted by the client after submission of the solutions.

Indemnity from Assurance:- The website indemnify itself from any promise or assurance made aby any admin(s) of any level violating any of its written or stated policy

Quick Assignment Hub opened an office in London & Sydney, on the premise that students are frequently too busy with their daily responsibilities.

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