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Chris Lewis
May 2, 2022
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SUBJECT NAME – Accounting for Management M

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Accounting for Management M ACCT5011 is a subject offered by the University of South Australia to provide students with a broad and in-depth understanding of financial and management accounting principles, as well as the ability to properly understand financial and management accounting reports from a client perspective.

What is Management Accounting?

Management Accounting is a subset of accounting that aims at identifying, measuring, analyzing, and interpreting accounting data in order to assist managers in making informed operational decisions.

Unlike Financial Accounting, where the full focus is on coordination and reporting of a company’s financial position to outsiders such as lenders, investors, the public, etc. wheres management accounting is focused on internal reporting which helps in an effective decision-making process.

Topics under Accounting for Management ACCT5011

Cost Behaviour

It describes how costs modify as an organisation’s level of activity changes.

Product Costing

It’s used to figure out how much cost will be incurred to create a product.


It’s a budget plan for your future earnings and expenses that determines how much money gets into your spending list and savings account.

Capital Budgeting

It is a process for a business firm to decide whether undertakings like developing a new strategy or investing in a long-term enterprise are worthwhile or not.

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About The University Of South Australia

The University of South Australia offers courses for all academic levels and in different fields like Accounting & Finance, Mathematics, Economics, Business, Communication, Law, Aviation, Architecture, Journalism, Biomedical Science, Nutrition, Engineering, Arts, Design, Tourism, Sports, Psychology, Pharmacy, Construction Management and what not. More than 200 degrees are available at the university. Degrees are designed with a strong professional focus and in collaboration with the industry, allowing students to gain practical skills and graduate career-ready.

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Assessment Details – Problem Solving Assignment

Learning Objectives –

Understand what accounting information is, what it signifies, and how it is used by applying basic accounting principles and ideas.

Describe the significance of accounting data in the corporate world;

Read and comprehend financial reports and use what you’ve learned to critically analyse firm financial and non-financial data.

This assessment involves two parts: 1) a business consultation report; 2) an oral presentation of your consultation report to Company A.

This assessment can be completed individually or in a group of no more than two students.


You have recently joined Business Smart, a finance and business consulting firm. Your manager Mr. James Brown will be taking family leave. He has asked you to prepare a consultation report for an important client, Company A, before he returns on 22 April 2022.
(Company A case study)

1. Write a consultation report for Company A.

Choose two companies, one company will be Company A and the other will be used as a benchmark for analysis against Company A. Analyse the data and financial statements of both companies for the years 2019-2021. Calculate ratio analysis for both companies. Your calculation and comparative analysis should focus on any two of the following four points (provide an explanation on why you choose these two):

a) Which company is more profitable and generates healthier returns?

b) How well are the two companies managing their resources? Do you think Company A is efficient in managing its assets compared with the benchmarking company?

c) Can Company A meet its short-term debts? How is its liquidity compared with the benchmarking company?

d) Do you think Company A will stay in operation in the long term? How is its long-term financial stability compared with the benchmarking company? Your answer should be supported by sufficient evidence (i.e. financial statement data and/or ratio results) and analysis.

Report Format-

a) Your consultation report must be presented in a clearly structured format, including a title page, a short executive summary, an introduction, the main body of text, a conclusion, a reference list, and relevant appendices. The report should contain correct grammar, expression, and in-text referencing. Please read the Writing Reports Guide, and Good and Bad Examples of writing ratio analysis on the course Learn online website before submission.

b) The word limit for this report is 2400 words (including all tables, figures, diagrams, references, and appendices). Please show the word count on the cover page.

c) Please note you are expected to present only the summary of the ratios in the main body of the text. Detailed workings and calculations of ratios must be presented in the appendix of this report.

d) You are required to use the UniSA Harvard Referencing style.

2. Present your report to Company A

(1) Attend a simulated Board meeting of Company A which will occur in class in Week 7 and brief the CEO and the Board of Directors (a role play) on your key findings and recommendations from your written report.

a) The brief should be concise but precise. In no more than 3 minutes, you need to summarise what you have done and found for Company A, and what main issues you want to raise, or what recommendations you want to make to the Board of Directors.

b) Presentation slides or handouts are not required. If the report is written individually, you will present and answer all questions during this oral defense process. If the report is completed by a pair of students, you can decide who will do the briefing (either one or two of you can do this). However, each student will be asked questions and therefore needs to prepare for answering questions on your report.

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