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Chris Lewis
March 18, 2022
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Group 2387Qual11015 Change Management & Leadership Skills



Change Management is defined as the methods and procedures used by a corporation to describe and implement change in both internal and external operations.
Preparing and supporting people, developing the essential procedures for change, and evaluating pre- and post-change activities to guarantee successful implementation are all part of the change management.
Change management plays a crucial role in modern organisations and that is why it is considered important to develop an understanding among students regarding the same.
Importance of change management:
Making business ideas succeed
Engaging people with change process
Decreasing resistance to change initiative
Helps to improve employees performance and enhance productivity.


Leadership is a critical management function that enables an organisation’s resources to be directed for increased efficiency and goal achievement. Effective leaders clarify the organisation’s mission, motivate employees, and assist them to achieve it. Understanding the role of leaders can help the students to understand the importance of leaders in an organisation. There are various leadership styles and techniques used by the leader to undertake a project.

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Learning Outcomes

Develop a critical knowledge of effective use of interpersonal skills in leading and managing projects.
Apply and critically evaluate appropriate leadership styles and techniques in managing projects.
Develop self-awareness and reflective practice.
Develop a critical Understanding of the principles of change management.


Task ( Group work)

You will form into groups of five or six to complete this assignment. Your group are
required to research and critically identify change management strategies and report
on your findings. The report should be 2500 words.
Please select one of the following companies as the core
focus of the change project.
a) Toyota
b) British Airways
c) Tesco
d) Netflix
e) Saudi Aramco

Task (Individual work)

Each member of the team is required to review academic journals and critically evaluate the qualities and skills that leaders need to effectively help organisations solve problems and adapt to changes in the business environment.
Your evaluation should consider the qualities and skills required at each stage of the consulting process from initial entry and contracting through to the final evaluation stage. Where appropriate you should reflect on your experience as a member of the consultancy project group. Maximum words should be 500 words.

Report Format

Project Title
Executive summary
This is a one page (maximum) summary of the entire report including a description of the problem, the approach, key analyses and findings, and final key recommendations to the company. This executive summary must stand alone and should give the reader a really good overview and clearly state the final recommendation.

Deliverd orders
Client Ratings
Table of contents

Provide an introduction to the project, explain the purpose of the report and tell the reader what is included in the report.


Provide an introduction to the project, explain the purpose of the report and tell the reader what is included in the report.

Change objectives and principles

Provide details of:
• What the change process will achieve [e.g. information sharing, engagement, input into system changes];
• Principles that underpin the change plan [e.g. inclusiveness/ consultation, timeliness]; and ethical issues that need to be considered and how the change plan will address them.

Final recommendations

Provide a clearly defined, sensible and feasible final recommendation to the company – this could include a detailed description of culture, structure, select and approach to new technology. Also consider making recommendations for implementation of your recommendations, i.e. what should they do first, etc.

List of supplementary material only.


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