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Chris Lewis
May 7, 2022
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Computing Infrastructure SWE4202 is a course offered at the University of Bolton to students pursuing a BSc (Honours). The course introduces the fundamental concept of Computing Infrastructure to students.

During this course, students will explore the functions of systems hardware and software components, networking principles, protocols, hardware enabling interconnection, functions of operating systems, client-server principles, designing and implementation of scripts, and many more.

Computing Infrastructure SWE4202, the subject is gaining popularity because students feel that there are a lot of career opportunities after pursuing this course. During this subject, students will learn both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject. In today’s digital environment, computing skills are required. Computing is a worldwide activity, and our graduates can work in any country. Network design, programming, web development, software application, interactive multimedia jobs, IT support, consultancy and operations, E-commerce, and business analysis are some of the most common areas where graduates can work after excelling in this course.

More About The Subject – Computing Infrastructure SWE4202

Scripting Languages to automate Operating System Services

Scripting languages are computer codes that are used to convert high-level instructions into machine language. All scripting languages are programming languages. The scripting language is essentially a way of writing instructions for a run-time environment. They don’t need to be compiled and are instead interpreted. It adds new features to programs and binds together complex systems.

In other words, a scripting language is a type of computer language that is used to communicate and integrate with other programming languages.

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There are different types of scripting languages, some of them are:-

Bash Script –

Bash is a scripting language that is used to work in a Linux environment. It is very easy to use Bash to create scripts than other programming languages. It explains how to utilize and code in the command line, as well as how to develop reusable scripts and save documentation for others to use.


Python is an interactive, interpreted, and object-oriented programming language. Python is a scripting-interpreted language with dynamic semantics that is now the most popular programming language among developers.

Node js –

Javascript is the only programming language that Node js supports. Several corporate firms use Node js to develop real-time web applications like IBM, Microsoft, Paypal, Netflix, etc.

Ruby –

Ruby is an open-source scripting language that is best suited for web development. Ruby follows the principles of object-oriented programming and allows the developer to create innovative software.


PHP is a widely-used open-source, general-purpose scripting language that many developers use for website development and for other projects such as Graphic user interfaces.

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Assessment Details

Learning Outcomes-

Formulate scripted solutions to automate operating system services.
Implement practical solutions based on the client/server model to solve a given problem.

You have recently begun a graduate internship in SysOps for a cloud provider – CloudUbiquity. Their operating system platform infrastructure is Linux-based and uses hypervisor technologies to dynamically deploy Virtual Machine applications as and when needed by clients.
CloudUbiquity has advertised a permanent position. The chosen candidate should be capable of configuring and implementing client/server applications, skilled in scripting, and should have a good working knowledge of operating systems utilities. Accordingly, they have provided a series of tasks to test your competence in shell scripting, requiring: appropriate use of programming constructs including sequence, selection, and iteration; and effective use of built-in utilities including pipe, tail, grep, sort, awk, echo, and sed.

Assessment Instructions
There are five (5) tasks, you must do all. To support your evidence, incorporate relevant screenshots of scripting code (with embedded comments) and corresponding annotated screenshots of scripts in execution. Include your final script in your report and create screencasts of your testing process.
You need to demonstrate your scripts and explain how each works as a screencast demonstration. No demonstration means zero marks.

Task 1 Resource Monitoring Application (20%)
Task 2 Bulk User Account Creation Tool (20%)
Task 3 File Size Email Monitor (20%)
Task 4 Offsite Backup (20%)
Task 5 User Management Tool (20%)

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