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Chris Lewis
March 22, 2022
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Group 2387ITECH5402 Enterprise Systems


This subject provides students with introduction to Enterprise systems. This subject includes a variety of topics like Business functions, Business process design, Process modelling, Enterprise content management, ERP systems, ERP functional areas, ERP technology & architecture, ERP workflows tools and CRM.


The purpose of this assessment ( Research and Presentation) is to enhance students’ knowledge of ERP.

a) Following are research topics to choose from.

Enterprise/ERP Systems and its connection to Digital Business Transformation

Enterprise/ERP Systems integration with organisational systems, such as Cyber-

Physical Systems and SCADA Systems.

Enterprise/ERP Systems and its connection to Digital Process Automation

A comparison of Enterprise/ERP Systems’ Vendors and Products

Enterprise/ERP Systems’ integration with Internet of Things (IoT)

b) After selecting the research topic, each member of the team is expected to select and summarise in 500-700 words. (5 marks)

c) As a team, write a report of about 3000 words based on the selected topic. The report must include at least one case study or example that reflects the topic of discussion. (10 marks)

d) The team report should include a summary of a short case study that highlights an aspect of the topic selected. The report will be submitted through Turnitin

e) Students need to prepare a 10 minutes overview of the findings documented in their Team Report. (7 marks)

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