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Chris Lewis
March 22, 2022
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Group 2387MIS610 – Advanced Professional Practice



All organisations rely on information technology and systems. The use and deployment of IT is critical to remain competitive in today’s corporate environment. So in Advanced professional practice subject , the students will be developing an understanding about academic posters and its layout.

Learning outcomes-

Research and consider the responsibilities of a Business Analyst (or Business Analysts) in today’ corporate world as well as society as a whole.

Investigate, analyse, and offer suggestions in the context of a business case to demonstrate a response to a complicated business requirement while aligning strategies with business priorities established by management.

Communicate effectively in discipline-appropriate methods.

Evaluate a case study using known theories and methods.


1. Create an Academic Poster document. Use of visuals is highly recommended to make your poster appealing and easy to understand.

2. Scenario: Blockchain for Supply Chain Management at CareMart (Case study)

CareMart’s CEO and Managing Director, Zaf Connell (a relatively new retailer in Tasmania, Australia), is a visionary. He intends for CareMart to become one of Tasmania’s major retailing brands. The ethos of CareMart is Care, Truth, Health, and Existence. This new Tasmanian retailer’s fundamental idea is to create a caring experience for its clients, to look after their health and wellness, and to make them feel at ease on all levels. Zaf is always interested in new technology because he is a technophile. He was first introduced to blockchains last year. He gained an understanding of blockchain technology and how it may affect enterprises. Among other things, he discovered that blockchains can have an impact on the supply chain. Zaf is interested in learning more about this, and in particular, how blockchains might aid supply chain management at CareMart without integrating the concept of cryptocurrencies. He’s interested in learning more about how blockchain can help with supply chain management. Zaf requests that Luke, CareMart’s Chief Technical Officer, prepare a detailed business analysis and a brief presentation for him and his board members on blockchains, supply chain management, and how CareMart can help. Luke hired your team for consultancy services to help the organisation to cope up with technology.

Prepare a 3 minute presentation to communicate the findings and recommendations

The rules:

A single PowerPoint slide is to be used (no slide transitions are permitted)

No additional electronic media (e.g. sound and video files)

The maximum time for the presentation is three minutes

All members of the group should present

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