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Chris Lewis
August 5, 2023
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How Popular Is Python Compared To Other Languages?

Group 2387How Popular Is Python Compared To Other Languages

Understanding Python Programming Language

Python is a language of computer programming. That creates websites, automated tasks and softwares. Python refers to a general purpose language. It facilitates the making of different programmes. It is a general purpose language which means it can be used in different applications. Like web development, software designing, automation and data science.

The Versatility Of Python Makes It The Most Loved Programming Language In The World.

It is designed to fulfil the desire of Guido Van Rossum. To make a programming language. Also Python was released in 1991. And the most famous fact about its naming is. That it was decided after the BBC tv show that the name was monty Python's flying circus.

Developers and non developers both can use python easily. It is a high-level language that consists of dynamic semantics.

Python is simple and has easy to learn syntax and it focuses on readability. That's why it helps in reducing the program maintenance cost.

Python provides support for packages and modules. That enhances the code reuse and program modularity.

Python is one of the flexible, easy to use and powerful programming languages.

After knowing about python you must be thinking that. Why is it so popular? Let's find out the answer.

Why Does Python Keeps On Growing Over The Passage Of Time?

Tiobe community said that "Python seems to be unstoppable". Because python has stuck to the first place from 2 years back to back. Which is defining the popularity of python among programmers.

According to the developer survey of stack overflow 2022. Has revealed that python is the 4th ranked most popular Programming language.
Python is the world's most popular Programming language. Which is spreaded everywhere. Python is everywhere. From creating Netflix recommendations to self driving cars software.

Because python has wide applicability in development and data analysis work. Python is increasing its popularity among the corporate world. It is considered as a top skill among the job seekers. According to statista, python was the 3rd ranked most demanded language. by recruiters in 2022.

Python provides a large community to provide tips, documentation, tricks, tutorials etc. Which helps programmers to master the language. It provides support to developers whenever they lack in programming.

Python is a simple and easy to comprehend programming language. With no complexities. That is why it is an emerging demand of today's world.

According to GitHub and Google trends. Python was the most popular programming language in 2020.
And to understand the popularity of python in 2020. We can consider these stats ( Sourced from statista.com).

Python Keeps On Growing

Along with the popularity of python there are Many advantages also. Which is making Python as the need of the hour.

Advantages Of Python Programming Language

Behind the enormous popularity of python. It is obvious that it will be a package of advantages. Which helps in increasing the demand of python among developers.
There is a huge list of Python's advantages:

Python has availability of third party modules. Because it is able to present the third party modules.

It provides huge library support like NumPy for numerical calculations. And pandas for data analysis.

Python provides open sources and a huge active community. To support developers if they have any difficulty.

Python is versatile, easy to write, easy to learn. Because of its English-like syntax structure. Which makes it easy to comprehend.

Python is capable of executing the codes in sequence. Because it is known as an interpreted programming language.

Python is portable in usage as once written codes are not needed to change. As in other languages. In python they are usable as they are anywhere.

You must be thinking about other programming languages. As to why Python is more superior than other languages. Let's compare Python with other programming languages.

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Python Vs Other Programming Languages

Here we will compare Python with other popular programming languages.

Python vs javascript

Python is an object based programming language on the other hand. Javascript is also object oriented script based language. Python can be utilised as scripting as well as programming language. And javascript is only used as a scripting language.

Python vs C++

Python is shortly coded than the C++. And C++ codes are longer than python.
Python is an oops programming language. And C++ is not an oops programming language.

Python vs perl

Python is quite similar to perl. And perl is also similar to python. Python facilitates common methodologies of programming. Like data structures and object based programming. And perl facilitates common application based tasks. Like reports generating, file scanning etc.

Python vs TCL

Python is considered a general purpose language. TCL is considered as an application extension language. And stand stone language. Python has a potential data type set which is used in values storage. TCL can store all types of data types. Which makes it weak in data structures. Python is faster than TCL and TCL is slower.

Problems In Python Programming Assignments

Assignments are always tough to deal with. No matter whatever the subject is. It always creates stress in students' lives. As Python is an easy to perform programming language once it is learned.
Python is easy to learn for everyone because of its syntax. But it can trouble newly admitted students. Who is experiencing Python for the very first time. Being a Python student you may face some problems. While writing your python assignments.

Students are new to the concepts of python. And students don't have a proper understanding of python.

Students are busy with their other academic tasks and part time jobs. That's why they are not able to manage time for their assignment.

They don't have proper guidelines and instructions. Which is provided by University or professors.

Students don't have practical knowledge about Python's applications. And they don't know how to use it.

Some students have not attended the regular lectures. Which enhances their problems with writing assignments. Because they don't have deep knowledge.

But there is a solution to all your problems. That is programming assignment writing help. Where you can solve your problems.

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Considering the back to back success of the python programming language. Its popularity is increasing with the time and also the demand among students. To learn python for their better career. Students are choosing python as their study course. But every course comprises many academic tasks. Which creates difficulty of time management among students. That's why they are not able to manage their time for assignments. Thus they need assignment writing services to help them. Here we have discussed every required aspect of python programming assignments. Which will help you to know the python more effectively.

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