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Chris Lewis
May 9, 2024
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How to get free education in the UK for international students?

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When it comes to higher standards of education, the UK stands second after the USA – According to a World Population Review as of 2023, the country's education Ranking report showcased.

Many students have aspirations of studying here. Among all countries, the USA & the UK are both quite costly when it comes to pursuing higher studies.

As per the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), the UK has witnessed a 50% increase in Indian students who are studying here around the year 2021-22

As we know “money is power” without investing a single penny we can’t able to step ahead in this materialistic world. Similarly, this metaphor A Penny for the Guy” signifies the same when many students seek financial support to accomplish their dreams of studying abroad, same as poor children asking for pennies door-to-door to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night.

However, nothing to worry about for students who are dreaming of studying in the UK without breaking the bank or asking for a single penny from anyone else so they can achieve their dream. Money is not a barrier when it comes to accomplishing their dream, students can study for free. Are you wondering how to get free education in the UK? Then this blog will be the right draft for you!! Let's start reading now!!

Who Gets a Free University Education in the UK?

Money won’t hinder when it comes to getting a quality education. Many students are deprived of accomplishing the dream of studying abroad, mainly in the UK, which is the best for education and lots of opportunities. Those are the students who can get free education in the UK such as;-

Merit-based students who fail to apply for study loans and other means of monetary help.

Backward and underprivileged student

Students who are refugees, asylum seekers, or have humanitarian protection can get this significant financial support for higher education.

students who have achieved fame in specific fields like sports or arts.

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What Are the Reputed Universities Offering Free Education to Indian Students in the UK?

You have decided where you want to study what you want to study, and you are almost one search away to look at the criteria while searching for the best accommodation. Now, hold the effort and look no further because this section is going to cover the criteria you need to focus on.

University of Oxford

The question might arise “How can I get free education in the UK “Then the University of Oxford can be the right choice for you. It offers many types of scholarships for international students including; - the Rhodes Scholarship!

University of Cambridge

Need a free master's for international students, then this prestigious university – The University of Cambridge is the best option. Because it offers wide scholarship programs for international students. One of the best and widely preferred scholarship programs is the Gates Cambridge Scholarships.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London well-known university for science, engineering, medicine, and business. President’s PhD Scholarships are there where international students, along with Indian students can study for free.

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

LSE is a reputed university where many students from across the world, including Indian students’ throng for studying social sciences. Getting a free education is easy for meritorious students, who can apply for the John C Phelan General Course Scholarship which is available for all, including Indian students.

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An Encapsulated Overview of Scholarships & Grants in the UK

Check here for more details on which scholarships & grants international students, including Indian students, might be privileged to enjoy.

Table 1
University Scholarship/Grant Benefits
University of Oxford Rhodes Scholarship Covers all expenses for postgraduate study, for only outstanding international students.
University of Cambridge Gates Cambridge Scholarships Fully funded for graduate study and students did research in any subject.
Imperial College London President’s PhD Scholarships funding for PhD programs, such as tuition fees and a stipend for living expenses.
London School of Economics (LSE) The Beacon Scholarship Offer significant tuition fee reductions for undergraduate students from East Africa.
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship 30 scholarship students cover the difference between domestic and international tuition fees.
University of Manchester
GREAT Scholarships Offers scholarships in partnership with the British Council targeted at students from several countries, including India, covering tuition fees.
University of Bristol
Think Big Postgraduate Scholarships Provides grants up to £20,000 covering tuition fees for postgraduate international students.
University of Birmingham India Outstanding Achievement Scholarships Awards scholarships of £2,500 to Indian undergraduate students based on academic and extracurricular excellence

What Are the Eligibility for Free Education in the UK?

Free education for Indian students is based on certain criteria. However, these eligibility criteria might differ between institutions, but few criteria remain constant. The student must meet all the criteria to get a scholarship and financial aid such as:

Student must possess an acceptance letter from a UK university

Students must have qualified English Language proficiency

The student should have a Strong academic background

Must be from a country eligible for the scholarship

Proof of current financial status (such as low-income grant applications)

Candidates apply for financial aid or a grant, the leading universities in the UK review the application. After rigorous checking, if the candidates qualify for all the mention above criteria, then they are eligible to get a financial grant from the application reviewing committee.

What Need to Know to Study in the UK for Free with Scholarships and Funding?

Looking for how to get a free education in the UK, then certain things are there being a student you should know when you are applying for scholarship and grant aid. Such as;-

Research Early and Thoroughly:

First, do thorough research such as checking their application and deadline. There are various platforms you can make use of such as university websites, the British Council, and scholarship databases. Here you can able to find reliable information as per your field of study and nationality. Getting indulged with that specific scholarship and making an in-depth analysis such as checking their eligibility criteria and the application timeline is very important.

Focus on Your Academic Excellence

If you need to apply for free education in the UK, then academic excellence is a must. Always make a list & add your awards, honors, or publications, in your application. Most of the scholarships in the UK which cover the full cost of tuition and offer a stipend, require highly talented and brilliant in the academic fields. Students are shortlisted based on merit.

Prepare a Strong Personal Statement

Always design a compelling personal statement that sets you apart from other candidates. Such as highlighting your academic interests, and professional goals and also including why you are a good fit for the scholarship. All your statements should reflect your personality and showcase how studying in the UK will be beneficial for you to achieve your career objectives.

Gather Outstanding Recommendations

A letter of recommendation is a must when you are applying for a scholarship. So, selecting your referee is very important with whom you can able to talk directly and freely about the specifics of the scholarship. After that, your referee can draft it well as per your qualities and achievements, which are most valued by the scholarship committee.

What Are the Intakes to Study in the United Kingdom for Free with a Scholarship?

If you are planning to study in the United Kingdom by availing scholarship, then it is very important to look into their main intake periods during which universities typically accept new candidates. Basically, in the UK the universities offer three intakes; check given in the table below here; -

Intake Period Duration/Month Common Scholarship Application Deadlines
Autumn Intake The largest and most preferred intake for UK universities commences in September/October. Most courses and scholarships are available during this period. Scholarship applications for this intake usually close between December and March of the previous academic year.
Winter/Spring Intake Some universities offer a January/February intake for certain courses, though this is less common than the autumn intake. Deadlines for scholarships for the winter intake generally fall around September to November of the previous year.
Summer Intake Very few programs may start in the summer (around May/June), and this intake is typically not a major entry point for international students. Scholarships for the summer intake, if available, often have deadlines by the end of the previous year or early in the current year

This blog is the perfect guide to getting information on how to get free education in the UK. Myriads of doors are always open for students whose budget is constrained. Students need to know more about various scholarships and grants that many UK universities provide. And everything in detail you will get to know here from our blog.

” Many people dream but few of them propel their dream” You can be one of them!! Opportunities are huge; know how to make use of them effectively!!
Yes, education is free for those students who are entitled to various scholarships and grants. Students who are not entitled to any scholarship program are not allowed to get free education.
There are many scholarships and grants in the UK such as the A.S. Hornby Trust Scholarship, the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan, GREAT Scholarships, and a lot more check our table above here.
Student to get a scholarship in the UK must score 60-80% in their program.
The Rhodes Scholarship offered by the University of Oxford is a full scholarship.

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