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Chris Lewis
April 29, 2024
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Unlocking opportunities - Visa for India from Australia

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Australia has recently introduced a new set of measures for Indian students, with an announced Migration Strategy that involves changes to Temporary Graduate Visas (TGV).

This visa will be available to former Indian student visa holders, providing them with full work rights and allowing international students to obtain work experience in Australia through a visa for India from Australia.

While Australia has always provided great post-study work benefits to Indian students, the jurisdiction has thought about offering extended work rights of up to 6 years for potential Indian students who are ready to study in Australia.
This blog will give you an overview of how the policies have changed regarding visas for Indians from Australia, which will provide some benefits to students who are thinking of working in Australia.

India Australia Visa The Deal

The agreement was signed during the communal meeting held in New Delhi on March 2, 2023. Dharmendra Pradhan and Jason Clare, the Education Ministers of India and Australia, respectively, discussed it. They finally agreed to form a joint force for the mutual recognition of qualifications and skills.

The discussion is based on a task force that was established consisting of skilled ministry regulators and education officials from Australia and India. It has set up a large-scale apparatus that covers the skill qualification and education of both countries to facilitate the strength of young individuals for both education and employment.

Benefits to the students

The deal was made to benefit students via visa for India from Australia, such as:

Students will have quick and comfortable access to the universities and colleges they wish to enrol in in Australia.

The students will not have to spend a lot on accommodation in Australia as for them there will be less cost of living.

Reputed University, higher grades will motivate the students to chase their dream job in a well-established organisation in Australia.

The students will be provided with proper education and other legalities in the country, which will eventually lead to a carefree lifestyle for them in Australia.

Study visa for Australia from India

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for a study visa for Australia from India, students must first be admitted into an approved program provided by an Australian institution of higher learning. Students must also demonstrate the ability to speak English through assessments such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE Academic.

Confirmation of enrollment

Once students enrol in a course in Australia, the education provider sends them an acknowledgment of Enrollment (CoE). This document is necessary for visa applications.

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement

Candidates for Australian visas for students must prove that they have an actual intent to stay in Australia briefly for educational purposes and that they have adequate funds to cover their stay.

Visa Application Process

Students can apply for an Australian student visa online at the Australian Government's Department of Domestic Affairs website. The submission process typically involves sending your CoE, proof of monetary ability, good health and moral documents, and filling out a visa application form.

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Job visa for Australia from India


Skilled occupation list

To qualify for the highest-skilled visas, choose a career from Australia's expert occupation list that corresponds to your skills and credentials. The Australian Government periodically updates these lists of information.


Skills Assessment

To apply for a skilled worker visa in the country, one must possess the skills evaluated by a qualified body in Australia. This assessment confirms that the educational background and job expertise meet the Australian standards for the chosen occupation.


State Nomination (for Subclass 190 and 491 visas)

Several professional visas require recommendation by an Australian state or jurisdiction government. The rule must be followed thoroughly, to avoid problems.


Health and Character standards

A skilled visa,like all other Australian visas, requires applicants to meet medical and character standards along with some medical tests.

Other Agreements Between Australia and India

In the case of the Australia to India visa, Australia is committed to investing 1.82 million USD. The funds will be used for educational programmes and training.

This would additionally strengthen the relationship between Australia and India in agriculture. Several additional agreements were discussed between the two countries. The initial one is a reciprocal acknowledgment of academic qualifications.

Several agreements were formed involving Indian and Australian universities to support additional Ph.D. research. The Indian Government released several steps to foster cooperation with international institutions, particularly in higher education, including combined or joint degree programs. Australia is an important partner of India in professional education and the development of skills. The two nations are working collaboratively to improve training and capacity and find potential resources for skill collaboration in primary sectors, with an emphasis on modern study programs.

Important Dates for Indian Students for Courses in Australia

Regions Bachelors Masters (coursework and research) PhD
Major cities 2 years 3 years 4 years
Cities and major regional centres 3 years 4 years 5 years
Regional centres and other regional centres 4 years 5 years 6 years
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What are 485 post-study work visas?

A visa for India from Australia has provided an excellent opportunity to stay in Australia and earn a living for an extended period! This new job after graduation stream visa, provided by the Australian Government, allows individuals to study, live, and work in certain regional parts of the country for a maximum of six years. This is a brilliant update since one may now plan their career more effectively, with an expanded number of areas available for study and work, as well as an extended period of post-study work visa validity.

How to apply study visa for australia from india

This section is about how to apply visa for India from Australia. Let's take a quick look:

Choose a Course and an Institution

Conduct research and select an Australian program and college or University that aligns with academic and professional goals. Make sure that the Australian Government registers the organization and program government.

Check Visa Eligibility

Examine the eligibility conditions for students to get an Australian visa, covering English language proficiency and financial ability.

Obtain Admission

Apply for the desired course. After acceptance, one will get a Confirmation of Admission (CoE) from the college or University in Australia.

Prepare Supporting paperwork

Gather the required paperwork for the visa application, such as. 

Paid sick time

Paid vacation and holidays

Health and life insurance

Tuition reimbursement

Wellness programs

Paid family leave

Retirement benefits

Reimbursement for certification fees

Create an ImmiAccount

Go to the Australian Government's Ministry of Home Affairs website to create an ImmiAccount. You will use the account to submit your visa request.

Fill out the online registration form

Sign in to the ImmiAccount and fill out the student visa registration form (subclass 500). Enter precise details and upload all relevant papers.

Submit the visa application.

Submit the visa application with an authorized method of payment. The fee value could differ and is open to change; thus, verify the most recent fee on the Ministry of Home Affairs website of Australia.

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The blog is based on the latest India-Australia visa agreement, which includes modifications to extended postgraduate visas and the beginning of additional employment rights; it represents a big step forward in improving educational and job prospects via visa for India from Australia. 

This agreement underscores the two countries' aim to promote reciprocal acceptance of degrees and abilities, as it streamlines access to universities, lowers living expenses, and improves post-study job possibilities. As a well-wisher of Indian students in Australia at QuickAssignmentHub, we are here to help you with your assignments and projects while you are completing your study time in a foreign country. Visit our website and learn more.

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