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Chris Lewis
May 8, 2024
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Which Type Of Accommodation Is The Best In The UK For Indian Students?

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Planning to move forward with higher studies in the UK? If you have decided to study abroad, it is going to be an effortful job to find your accommodation as an Indian student in UK.

It is important to know that the country is known to be the most popular destination for hundreds of Indian students as it is the home of more than 130 universities in some of the known cities and counties. Therefore, how to find accommodation in UK for international students guide is here at your fingertips.

In this blog, we will highlight the points to consider while looking for the best accommodation in the UK for Indian students, the types of accommodation in the UK for international students, the cost of living in the UK, and some program codes in UK universities.

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Why choose the UK for higher education?

The United Kingdom has always been a famous choice for Indian students which leads to looking for higher education abroad. Before choosing your University in the UK you should consider several points to cover why the UK is the right choice for studying abroad studies.

High-quality education

The UK is known for its higher education standards, The universities in the country keep on ranking among the top institutions globally while providing a huge array of courses and degrees in various disciplines. The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) is unique to the UK educational system. It is an impartial body that performs regular audits and evaluations to assess and compare universities across the nation and institutions. It also recognises the finest educational approaches and offers comments on areas for growth. As an Indian student, you can benefit from the academic curriculum, access to top-notch research facilities, and accomplished faculty members.

Diverse culture

Moving forward with your education in the UK allows you to immerse yourself in a multicultural environment. You can have the chance to meet new people and learn about their different backgrounds and cultures. This exposure, for an Indian student like you, can help broaden your perspective on other cultures and also encourage you to grow personally while preparing you for a global career.

Career opportunities

Speaking of career opportunities in the UK, as an Indian student, you will be provided with amazing career prospects, such as valuable internships, networking opportunities, and job placements in Management, animal welfare, beauty and wellness,Trade and finance, Computer science, technology, and digital,Architecture and trade, and Intellectual and media.The country is a place where jobs are everywhere, making the location an attractive one for graduates seeking employment.

Understanding the accommodation in UK for Indian students

In recent years, the amount of Indian students pursuing higher education in the UK has now been on the rise. As a result, finding the best accommodation in UK for Indian students has become more crucial, the accommodation options that are given to Indian students depend on the college or University they attend, however, to look at the bright side, there are several options available across the country.

Facilities and amenities

When it comes to choosing the best accommodation in UK for Indian students, there is a plethora of alternatives that are based on their preferences and needs such as Indian students in UK enjoy a range of lodging alternatives based on their interests. These include private lodgings with amenities such as equipped rooms, communal cooking areas, and laundry facilities. University halls provide extra benefits like on-site safety, shared study areas, and close access to campus services, assuring a pleasant residential environment.

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What to search for the best accommodation in UK for Indian students?

You have decided where you want to study what you want to study, and you are almost one search away to look at the criteria while searching for the best accommodation. Now, hold the effort and look no further because this section is going to cover the criteria you need to focus on.


When choosing the perfect accommodation in UK for Indian students, you have to consider your comfort. If your mental state is not calm and the surroundings aren't what you prefer then there is a high chance of not concentrating on your studies. You may feel homesick or lonely, but keeping that in mind, we are giving you the best homely alternatives for your stay.


Safety is another huge thing to consider when you are looking for accommodation in the UK. We prioritize your safety, so we will suggest a safe neighbourhood where you can get on with your college life hassle-free.


What facilities should you be looking at while deciding on your accommodation? Let us enlighten you about your hassle-free, ready-to-move option. You should be looking for a comfortable room, WiFi, open space to access for your personal use and a calm environment where your focus is not disturbed.

Indian food

As an Indian student studying abroad, missing the taste of homemade food is obvious, and we do not want you to miss that at any cost. Therefore it is important to look for an accommodation location which is near an Indian restaurant.


Connectivity is another factor that Indian students studying in the UK should consider because you should be easily connected to transport, restaurants, and the University to save your local transportation charges and time

Viva help

We, QuickAssignmntHub, also help Viva. Our experts will call you to check whether you have attempted the work. Students can contact us from their location if they feel that there are queries that haven’t been answered regarding viva or lab help.

Accommodation for students in UK for Indian students- off-campus

This section is to guide you about the accommodations that you can choose from off-campus areas.

Student halls

Student halls or University halls are in demand for first-year students. Though you will have your separate room but kitchen, bathroom, and other common spaces need to be shared with your batch or classmate. For the first year, the decision to stay in the student hall is wise because it is affordable, close to your classrooms, and safe. It will also make friends in an unknown place.

Private student halls

A private student hall is not that different from a student hall. It is near the university or college campus and is privately owned. You can easily opt for this option because it offers privacy, like private bathrooms and kitchens. Indian students can also choose whether they want the room all by themselves or have a roommate.

Flats and houses

The best accommodation in UK for Indian students is houses and flats. If you are a person who loves to live independently then private flats and houses are the best option for you, as it gives you the complete freedom to be yourself. As for the outside world, once you become familiar with the roads of the city, finding routes to the university restaurants and other sightseeing zones is not going to be difficult. However, privacy in UK for a student comes with higher rent and the management of bills, cooking, laundry, and food, so you have to manage that as well. Generally, students in their second-year move to flats and houses.


Homestays are incredibly popular in the UK because in homestays, a student can live with a family. If you want to stay in homestays,it is a wise choice because it is super affordable. Not only that, but you will also get the feeling of having a family always to whom you go if there is something wrong and explore the culture of the country.

Cost of living in the UK for Indian students

You don't have to get confused while looking for the best accommodation in UK for Indian students. All you have to do is check the on-campus and off-campus accommodations. Here are some on-campus and off-campus accommodation lists.

University On-campus accommodation (in pounds/monthly) Off-campus accommodation (in pounds/monthly)
Imperial College of London 900 to 1000 872
Coventry University 400 to 600 320 to 530 + utilities
University of Sussex 513 to 764 73 to 238 + utilities
University of Southampton 540 360 + utilities
Additional information

This section gives you an overview of what subjects you can study in the UK and what documents you need to present when entering the country once you have decided everything and are ready to go.

Websites for student accommodation in the UK



Prime location


Smart new homes

Documents required for UK student visa

Current passport

Student visa application

Admission letter

Proof of funds

Payment receipts

Original mark sheets

Subjects to study in the UK

Accounting and finance

Agriculture and related sciences

Artificial intelligence and robotics

Architecture, building, and planning

Art and design

Business management

Computer science

Creative arts

Cyber security



Environmental engineering


Hospitality, leisure and tourism

International relations and development studies



Medicine and nursing

Political science


Science and technology




After the decision to start your higher education in the UK, your job is not done. This blog tells you that accommodation is something very essential that needs to be considered as well. In order to study well and obtain great grades, you, as a student studying in the UK, should be free of worries and concentrate more on your goals. As an assignment helper and guide we only can walk you through or prepare you for your upcoming challenges and wish you all the best.

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