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Chris Lewis
August 23, 2023
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Which Type Of Accommodation Is The Best In The UK For Indian Students?

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Are you an Indian student planning to pursue further studies in the UK? As you have decided to study in the UK. Then you must be worried about accommodation. Then allow us to solve all your issues about the best UK accommodation.

To search for the best place to call home, Indian students have unique needs. That's why we have considered every aspect to provide you with the best accommodation. We will suggest the best accommodation options, which are specifically tailored according to your needs. Before knowing the best accommodation options, you should know the key factor to consider while choosing the best place.

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Points To Consider When Searching For The Best Accommodation

When you start looking for the best accommodation in the UK for Indian students. Then it would help if you took care of the following wing points while finalising the home space for you.


Safety is the most important thing to consider while choosing a place to live. And we also prioritise your safety. That's why we will provide the best accommodation in a safe neighbourhood.


Comfort is another important aspect while searching for accommodation as you shift from one place to another. You may feel homesick or lonely. That's why we will provide you with the best homely options for your stay.


Facilities include a well-furnished room, food facility, WiFi, gym, etc. So that you can directly move in without any extra hassle; that's why we will provide you ready to move options.


Connectivity is the most important aspect of accommodations. Because you should be connected to transport, University Restaurants, etc. So that you can save your local transportation charges and time.

Indian Food

Every Indian misses the Indian Food in foreign countries. And we don't want you to survive without Indian Food. That's why we will suggest accommodations with nearby Indian restaurants.

Best accommodations for Indian students in the UK

University halls

The university halls are the best option for all first-years. They are located near to campus; hence they save time and money. They are more convenient for new students. In University halls, students can focus more on their studies. And they are the safest option for all international and Indian students.

Private Halls

Private halls are private and private authorities manage them. Private halls are more customizable than university halls. Because they offer students the choice of their roommates and other amenities like fitness facilities, study areas, etc. They are also safe, and students can get on-site support whenever needed. They provide flexible contracts to students and are located nearby universities.


Homestays are different from University and private halls because they provide a different experience to students. In this, students will stay with a local family, and the family helps them to adjust to the town. They are super safe and provide a homely environment where you will get home-cooked Food in a welcoming environment, which will feel like home. They are affordable in comparison to university halls and private halls.

Private flats

Private flats are independent living options. In which you will get your flat rent. In this, you are open to choosing the location and area.
Private flats provide you with more privacy and independence. Here you can live alone or share it with a roommate. These flats also provide required amenities like kitchens, gyms, wifi, etc.

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Ways To Find The Best Accommodation In Uk

There are several ways to look for vacant places to stay in the UK. We will tell you the best ways to find accommodation for students in the UK. Check the following ways to find accommodation.



Websites are a convenient way to find the best accommodation without roaming here and there. You can search for the best and top-rated accommodation at your home comfort.


University Email

If you want to live on a university campus, the university will email you. In which you can tell them if you want university accommodation or not. In many universities, it is on a first-come, first-served basis.



Suppose you want to save time searching for accommodation. Then you can leave this task to agents. They will charge fees but work best.


Word Of Mouth

You can also consider the accommodations your friends recommend, as they are reliable and trusted. You can talk to your seniors and find the best one.

Best websites for student accommodation in the UK.

Here are the best websites for student accommodation in the UK. You can visit them and select the best for you.




Prime Location

Smart New Homes


Whenever you plan to study abroad, the first thing that comes to mind is accommodation because it is the most important thing before moving. That's why we have discussed everything in detail to reduce your efforts so that you can choose the accommodation that will fulfil your requirements.

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