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Chris Lewis
April 23, 2024
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Why Do Students Love To Opt For Nursing Courses In Australia?

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Saying goes with this adage that “serving to mankind is serving to god,” and the nursing profession is like that, where caregivers serve humanity at its most vulnerable—when individuals are ill and in need of compassionate care.

It is estimated by 2066 there will be a surly hike of 21-23% of the population. Therefore, older people experience more multifaceted illnesses and health conditions. So, Seeing the aging population in Australia demand for nurses is increasing.

In the land of Kangaroos, students might have better opportunities to pursue nursing courses. Many leading universities here offer various nursing courses, such as postgraduate nursing degree courses, bachelor of nursing courses, and even diploma courses in this field.

If you are planning to study abroad, it is an awesome opportunity for you!! It is time to meet new people, explore a new world, and, yes, get an education. To realize your nursing dream, you need to know a few things. Let’s start our educational journey right now!!

Why are nurses in high demand in Australia?

Greek people believe “Pandora's Box “contains all the evil of the world. During 2019-2021, the world was terrified by an evil disease called COVID-19. The situation was out of control, but at the same time, doctors and nurses did their work tremendously, and thanks to them.

Although now the COVID fear has gone, who knows history might be repeated. Because “Accident won’t say and come, the crisis of nurse shortage should be addressed more efficiently because other than this emergency services skilled nurses are always in demand for other factors such as;-

Aging Population

Nursing care has increased due to the aging population, which has given rise to healthcare services. Elderly individuals require more frequent medical attention and have to take great care to manage chronic conditions. Therefore, these situations arise for the nurse to provide specialized care tailored to their needs.

Rising Chronic Diseases

Diabetes, heart disease, and cancer among people have put additional pressure on healthcare systems. Therefore, nurses play an important role in handling these conditions. Starting from administering medications to providing patient education and support. This needs a surge in demand for expert nurses.

Advancements in Medical Technology

There is a rapid expansion of medical advancements which has turned health into an e-healthcare system. Where all treatments are now given to the patient through advanced technologies. So, nurses are always in the first corridor to adopt this new technological transformation to offer the best effective health care services. But to make use of these, there is a huge demand for skilled and qualified nursing professionals.

Global Health Challenges

In pandemics, natural disasters, and public health emergencies, nurses are important frontline workers who offer vital care, administer vaccines, and promote public health measures. However, the best example is COVID-19. All have witnessed the situation, and due to a shortage of nurses and hospitals, the patients had to battle for their lives. So, healthcare providers always be prepared beforehand to avoid a shortage of nurses to manage this kind of vulnerable situation in the future.

Reasons why Australia is a popular study destination For Nursing

Australia has become a major location for nursing students all around the globe. Preferred more for its first-rate education system, cutting-edge healthcare facilities, and attractive career opportunities. The student who dreams to opt for this nursing course here let’s know;-

World-Class Educational Institutions

Australian universities are highly acclimated to their internationally rigorous nursing programs. Here, students get exposure to both theoretical knowledge and practical training. The amenities in all universities and colleges are superb when it comes to state-of-the-art facilities. They also have trained nurses to give training to new or budding nursing students.

Clinical Experience and Research Opportunities

When a student needs clinical placements, getting into various nursing courses in Australia is the great option. This helps them directly to work in top hospitals and healthcare settings across the country. By getting exposure to this hands-on experience, the students engage here with cutting-edge healthcare research and expand their learning opportunities.

Diverse Specializations and Career Pathways

Students who pursue nursing courses in Australia have varied specialization options to choose from. Not only acute care and pediatrics but also mental health and geriatric nursing. The diversity, of course, selection of their choice gives them the right direction to explore their dream fields more lucidly.

Favourable Immigration Policies

Australia's immigration policies are favourable for nursing graduates. Students can easily get work visas and permanent residency. The opportunities are huge for pursuing a new career in nursing and for students who have completed their nursing courses and want to explore job opportunities here.

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Becoming a Nurse in Australia – A Huge Benefits!

The student who is dreaming of nursing as their career opportunity then opts for these nursing courses that have numerous benefits such as-

Excellent Security, Salary, and Benefits

Nurses are always in demand. Many counties in Australia face nurse shortages, currently all total there is 303,000 registered nurses in Australia, but many more qualified nurses are required. This can offer a job opportunities. The hospital and healthcare industry needs qualified nurses, and some pay large bonuses and other privileges and benefits to experienced nurses.

Nurses get a competitive salary. The average annual salary varies from one county to another, but they pay highly deserved perks.

Additionally, nurses get significant benefit packages that include:

Paid sick time

Paid vacation and holidays

Health and life insurance

Tuition reimbursement

Wellness programs

Paid family leave

Retirement benefits

Reimbursement for certification fees

Flexible Schedule

Nursing jobs have flexible hours or shift-wise jobs. This can be added as one more benefit for single mothers or parents. A nurse has flexible timing options like 8, 10, or 12-hour shifts depending on the employer’s working hours. This flexibility can help them choose their timing option according to their capabilities.

Opportunity for Advancement

A nursing career has a wide scope of opportunities having a good education degree can move to a nurse managerial position or an advanced practice clinical position. Some nurses can flourish ahead with having additional degrees like specialized nurse certifications. This gives them the advantage of getting a higher salary. Some choose to move out of the clinical field into administrative positions, where they can join as a professor in an institution.

Travel Opportunities

A registered nurse is given scope to travel. For more information on registering, check the official website of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. Once registered, nurses can get many benefits, such as accommodation, travel allowances, and sometimes even additional bonuses.

Eligibility Criteria for Students who want to pursue nursing courses in Australia

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) has fixed certain eligibility criteria for the students coming globally to study nursing here;-

Must have proof of English language proficiency; student must have qualified English language proficiency tests

visa and valid passport are mandatory

All academic qualification certificates from native country

Work experience letter

Reference letter from college

Evidence of sufficient funds

Evidence of Overseas Student Health Insurance

Get overseas Bachelor of Nursing degree certificates (in case you are applying for post-graduation)

All other relevant documents must be available and listed on the Department of Home Affairs visa.

Dreaming For Nursing as A Career in Australia

If a student looking for a career change and willing to opt for a new course abroad; that is nursing, then Australia is the right avenue to study! Check here what career opportunities students might get after completing their nursing courses;-

Registered Nurse

Students should complete undergraduate nursing courses and have a certified passing certificate to be entitled to a registered nurse category fixed by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

Nurses Surgeries

Another demand is that after the nursing course in Australia, students can become nurses in surgery. Registered nurses can assist doctors during surgeries in operation theatres.


Nursing in Australia for international students can give opportunity for midwifery who can assist at the time of delivery and during pregnancy

Nursing Researchers

International students who are doing nursing in Australia are eligible to become researchers. They can work in various laboratories and diagnostic facilities.

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Overview of Reputed Nursing Institutions and Scholarships in Australia

When students get into these nursing courses can apply for these scholarships. There are many universities in Australia where students can study. Look into the below table here;-

Scholarships in Australia
1. The Australian College of Nursing (ACN)
2. The University of South Australia scholarships
3. The Australian Nurses Memorial Centre
4. School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Indigenous Health Scholarship
5. Nursing Year 12 Undergraduate Scholarship
6. Mary Potter Foundation Palliative Care Grant
7. George Alexander Foundation Bursaries
8. TQEH Research Foundation Scholarship: Honours
Nursing Universities in Australia
1. University of Technology Sydney
2. The University of Sydney
3. Monash University
4. The University of Queensland
5. Deakin University
6. Griffith University

What Are the Nursing Courses in Australia?

If you are dreaming of opting for the nursing profession in Australia, then this path may be a good choice for you. A nursing degree can be an exciting, prestigious career in healthcare and a wide scope to flourish. Check here what are the courses given; -


Diploma in Nursing

A student who wants to make a fresh career in nursing should choose Australia as their educational hub. Here, they can pursue a diploma in nursing. The duration of the course is two years.


Bachelors in Nursing

The cheapest nursing course in Australia for international students is a bachelor’s in nursing. Here, the students get scope to hone their skills and get knowledge to become registered practicing nurses in Australia


Masters in Nursing

After completing their bachelor's degree, students like to pursue higher studies in these fields, and then they can be entitled to a postgraduate degree in nursing. However, the student must have a certified undergraduate degree in nursing from an accredited university.


Masters in Nursing Practice

When a student graduates from a nursing course and wants to pursue higher studies in the same fields, they can master nursing practice. And Australia is the right place for nursing practice for such students.


This blog is the ultimate guide for the student who wants to pursue a nursing career in Australia. “Opportunity is everywhere!! The key is to develop the vision to see it.” If your passion is to become a nurse, then you will have myriad opportunities—the only thing is that you need to discover them!!

Quote: “ Dream big! Think big! Have the courage to achieve it!! If your passion is to study nursing abroad, then multiple doors are open for you; you just need to explore them!!”


There are myriads of opportunities for students choosing nursing in Australia. Job openings are more in comparison to other countries.
Opting for nursing courses here is not so difficult because of favorable immigration policies one can get an easy visa of any type (work or residency visa).
The Bachelor of Nursing to become an RN in Australia is three years.
Students can become Nursing Researchers, Midwives & Nurses Surgeries.

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