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Chris Lewis
May 8, 2024
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Victorian Institute of Technology on Campus- Academic Integrity and Student Engagement

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It is time for the Australian students of the Victorian Institute of Technology to buckle up for exams. Some students are excited, and some are tense.

This is the time when the University starts planning to conduct the final assessment exams to determine the student's understanding of the syllabus. But this time, it is Victorian Institute of Technology on-Campus Exams; no more online exams. In this blog, we will tell you about the benefits of the VIT campus exams, the exam date, the acceptance rate, the eligibility and the guide that will guide you through until your exams. Make sure you read all the sections carefully, as they will only help you learn about the new patterns and regulations of VIT.

Victorian Institute of Technology On Campus Exams

The Victorian Institute of Technology On Campus Exams are the new uproar among students, as they have cancelled the procedure of taking exams online. The Institute has clearly mentioned that all the students have to come to the University and sit for exams on the campus. This decision of the Victorian Institute of Technology, Melbourne, has made the students nervous. We all remember that there was a time when online exams were a trend; we also know what changed the pattern, yes, the pandemic. But now that everything's back to normal, the Victorian Institute of Technology On Campus Exams are taking place again.

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Benefits of this change

The Victorian Institute of Technology On Campus Exams are back because they not only bring the normal life of students on track but also help the students put more effort into their studies. Here are some benefits that students will gain from this change, though some may differ

Better answers, better grades

The Victorian Institute of Technology On Campus Exams will help the students get better grades while making them think more deeply about the subject and get into the habit of studying while making notes for themselves, which will eventually help them crack the exam without any issue.

Collecting study notes

Collecting study notes is really important for students. Students must know all about the question paper patterns that were there before them. In that way, it will be easier for the student to know the subject. It is also a huge help for them in interviews and other critical situations.

It’s a deal

Sometimes, universities make deals with students to encourage them to go beyond their comfort zone in order to achieve their ultimate goal. The Victorian Institute of Technology is no different. The college makes sure that the students who excel in their Victorian Institute of Technology On Campus Exams will get top marks on their assignments. Hence, it is a great way to reward students and boost their ability to excel more in the future.

VIT 2024 exam date

Year Standard in take Mid term intake
2024 12 Feb 18th March
6th May 10th June
22nd July 26th August
7th October 11th November
2025 10th Feb 17th March
5th May 9th June
21st July 25th August
6th October 10th November

Victorian Institute of technology on campus exams acceptance rate

The acceptance rate at the Victorian Institute of Technology generally depends on the applicant tool and the programme the students are choosing. It tends to be competitive due to the Institute’s influence on quality education. With an initiative to foster diversity and academic excellence, VIT takes into account various factors beyond grades, like extracurricular activities, personal statements and work experience. Potential students are motivated to take up research-specific program requirements and prepare themselves thoroughly for admission. While exact figures may vary, there is a fair selection process with an acceptance rate of 64%.

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How can QuickAssignmentHub help students?

With all the stress of Victorian Institute of Technology On Campus Exams on students, it is obvious you would look for help, and we are at your service. There are several ways in which we can help you make your preparation right and tight.

Mock exams

Mock exams are held to prepare you for the actual exam so that you know how to get all the questions right. Our experts already know what the exams look like and what chapters you need to focus on the most. The mock test is one-to-one, and then the explanation of the mistakes you made is provided. This session is given to you so that you learn from your mistakes and can get ahead of the curve in the actual exam at the Victorian Institute of Technology.

Doubt removal sessions

A doubt removal session is a method for you to get a full explanation of the topic, and you can also ask important questions and doubts in your mind. This process helps you get an overview of what you are supposed to do in the exam and get good marks so that you get a reward in your assignments as well.

Customised notes

This is an optional service that we provide. We ask our experts to go through past examination question papers and make notes for you. The notes help you easily understand which topic to focus on and which topic to focus on less. Our expert teachers know what is best for you.

Online tutoring

This session is one-to-one online mentoring and coaching of the entire or part of the course that will help you make the most of your time outside the institute class. If you are asking about the professionalism we offer, well, our mentors are professional tutors who will help you navigate all kinds of tricky concepts or questions regarding the material. This session is purely done with the intention of making you confident while you are taking your exams.

Group tutoring

We also provide group tutoring, which is a session to help you with your studies. You can present your queries, and they will be answered. In addition to studies, you can discuss the topic from a wide range of perspectives.

Here are some benefits to get from group tutoring Here are some benefits to get from group tutoring

Get your answers regarding materials you are struggling with.

There will be other students, so you can learn from them and also exchange perspectives with others.

You will be able to see how others are dealing with and approaching their problems, which might help you find new ways to address your academic issues.

Viva help

We, QuickAssignmntHub, also help Viva. Our experts will call you to check whether you have attempted the work. Students can contact us from their location if they feel that there are queries that haven’t been answered regarding viva or lab help.


Exams can be stressful for students, especially when it comes to Victorian Institute of Technology On Campus Exams. Days are gone when online exams are held. It is time to get back on track. Here at Quick Assignemnt Hub, we give our students the chance to prepare well through all the support they need to crack exams and assignments.

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