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Chris Lewis
August 24, 2022
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Victorian Institute of Technology On Campus Exams

Group 2387Victorian Institute of Technology On Campus Exams

Victorian Institute of Technology On Campus Exams is a latest fuss among students. The university has stopped online exams and asked everyone to attempt exams on campus. This is flabbergasting for the current students. In light of this announcement, we at QAH are willing to provide consultancy to students for on-campus exams to assist in the panic situation.

Let Us Check the Current Outlook On VIT On Campus Exams

This change has been made because the university may have believed the best way to prepare students for the future is by focusing on real-world skills like memorisation, revision, and thought processes. These skills are best developed in a traditional classroom setting.

No more online exams, online quizzes, or online tests. Now, no need to worry about the laptop setup and technological assistance. Students can now focus on what matters – their studies

Why do the Students still need help and How can QuickAssignmentHub assist the students?

There are various ways in which we can make your preparation better than others.

Mock Exams:

Mock Exams are designed to be as close as possible to the actual exam in length and content so that when one sits down for the real thing. Experts already have seen what it looks like and know how long it should be. It will be a one-to-one examination and then explain the gaps and the best ways to attempt exams after getting the results.

Our one-to-one examination and explaining the gaps between what one knows and doesn’t know so they can get ahead of the curve on their next exam!

Personalised Viva Help:

QAH is helping students with their viva. Some professors are looking for uneasy students, then calling all or part of the students to check if the person who has attempted the work knows or not. Students can also contact us from their homes if they have any queries regarding their viva or any such lab help.

Special Doubt Removal Session:

Doubt removal is a method to remove the student’s doubts by giving them an explanation of the topic, essential questions, and doubts they have. This helps the students to understand what they are supposed to do in their exams and helps them get good marks. This can be done individually or in a group.

Personalised Online Tutoring:

One-to-one personalized online coaching and mentoring of the whole or part of the course will help students get the most out of their time outside of class. Students will have access to a professional tutor who will help them navigate any tricky concepts or questions they may have about the material, so they can feel confident going into their exams.

Personalised Preparation of Notes:

An optional service of note preparation shall follow the online tutoring service. After studying the past examination questions and their answers, teachers will prepare the notes. The notes will be prepared by our expert faculties, who have taught in this institute for many years.

Group Tutoring:

Our group tutoring session is a great way to get help with your studies. Students can ask questions about the material they are learning, and you can also learn from each other.

The benefits of this type of Such Service Sessions are numerous:

1. You can get answers to any questions about something you’re struggling with.
2. You’ll be able to learn from other students who have already taken their exams.
3. You’ll see how other people approach problems, which might help you find new ways to solve them on your own.

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Things that will remain Unchanged

1. Assignments will always be Available Online
This is because assignments are supposed to be completed in a way that is convenient for students and their learning styles. Students are welcome to work from home or anywhere they feel most comfortable. Contact us for best assignment help services.

2. Lectures will happen in blended mode, i.e., online and in campus
This method is to make learning easy and convenient for them. The students can also ask questions to their professors via live chat during lecture time and get replies immediately.

3. Laboratory attendance as per the professor’s instructions
Laboratory attendance is a must for all students. Students are expected to attend the laboratory as per their professor’s instructions.

4. Grading System
The grading system hasn’t changed. Faculty will report all grades on the same scale as before, so you can be confident that your grades will reflect your progress.

Benefits of this change:

1. The better your answers, the best your grades:
This change will help students get better grades by requiring them to think more in-depth about the subject matter. They will need to use excellent subject knowledge to complete the exam, improving their final grade.

2. Permanent Collection of Study Notes Good Even for Interviews:
The main benefit of this change is that it will allow students to permanently collect study notes from previous years’ exams which they can use later on during interviews or other critical situations!

3. If you are good in exams, you will get special attention in your assignments:
When everyone is focused on student retention, we want to ensure that students who excel in their exams also get top marks on their assignments. This is a great way to encourage students to keep up the hard work they’ve put into their studies while rewarding them for their efforts.

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Our website is devoted to helping many students get through their education and make it to the next level. They are here to help the students and ensure they get what they need to succeed.

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