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Chris Lewis

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Quick Assignment Hub Author
Quick Assignment Hub Author

Chris Lewis

Group 2387

I'm the author of Quick Assignment Hub, based in the UK, but I work virtually all over the world. I collaborate with creativity and expertise to write your dissertation, solve academic challenges, and execute in-depth research. Trust my experience and abilities to raise your academic ambitions to success.

What I do

Group 2387

Dissertation Writer

As a dissertation expert, I provide in-depth research, personalized writing, and detailed analysis to ensure each student's academic achievement.

Academic Writer

I'm a dedicated academic writer who delivers tailored, insightful content that increases students' academic achievement and understanding of the subject.

Legal Expert

Specializing in law and in-depth case study-based expertise, I provide detailed assessment, insightful investigation, and customized solutions for each project.


As a passionate research analysis expert, I provide comprehensive reliable writing services to enhance academic and professional aspirations with clarity.


Group 2387
Client 11
Coursework Help

Unless I met the nursing assignment help experts at Quick Assignment Hub, I did not believe that I could ever do the assignments based on Gibb's Model of Reflection.

Client 10
Assignment Writing Help

The engineering assignment help experts at Quick Assignment Hub are so cool! They even provided a free copy of the Turnitin report with my assignment.

Client 8
Dissertation Help

Guys, you rock!! A study couldn't be better! Moreover, you have completed my dissertation order with A+ grades. Excellent writing.

Client 7
Assignment Writing

Quick Assignment Hub has the most cordial law assignment help experts in the world. The quality assignments which I got has really made me happy.

Client 5
Case Study Writing Help

0% plagiarism on the report, and timely work done by the Statistics Expert. Best service!. I'm sure I'll be using him again soon!

Client 9
Dissertation Help

Best Assignment Help assistance from the Experts!!. You are the best assignment help company. You helped me on whatsapp too.

Client 6
Dissertation Help

Great paper, assignment writer nailed this research paper. The readability of the paper was easy, crisp and smooth. I couldn't have asked for a better paper.

Client 12
Coursework Help

Quick Assignment Hub helped me finish a research project I couldn't do myself owing to time restrictions. My instructions were specific, and the writer followed them exactly. I received an excellent piece of work.

Client 13
Research Paper Writing

As a non-native English speaker, my writing abilities are limited. My life has become more equitable because of Quick Assignment Hub. You won't be disappointed with their work!

Client 14
Programming Assignment Help

Since this is my first time using assignment services, I was not so sure initially. Fortunately, I chose them. My order was given to an experienced expert. Got the high-quality paper delivered on time.

Client 15
Case Study Help

I am an excellent writer, but I must admit that I, too, occasionally require assistance. I was certain that no one could write my articles to my standards, yet the experts here have done an excellent job.

PCO Client 18
Essay Help

My experience with Quickassignmenthub is unparalleled in London. They have an exceptional team of writers with exceptional proficiency in various subjects. A flawlessly written essay was delivered by my instructions, resulting in an impressive grade. I use their consummate professionalism and unwavering reliability whenever I need assignment assistance.

Education & Experience

2020 - Present

Senior Author

Quick Assignment Hub

Dissertation Specialist

Quick Assignment Hub

2013 - 2019

Market Researcher

Forrester Research

Assignment Writer


Ph.D. in Humanities

Duke University

My Specializations

Academic Expertise

With me, you can develop writing skills and academic expertise.

Dissertation Specialist

With my expertise and efficiency, I create exceptional dissertations.

Case Study Expert

I analyze case studies with deep insight and professional integrity.


With excellent writing and strong research skills, my stories are a blend of technical proficiency and heartfelt empathy.


Writing Skills


Research Abilities




Technical Skills






Explore my blog's collection of excellent writing, superb research, cutting-edge technology, compelling stories, and empathetic analysis.

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Quick Assignment Hub opened an office in London & Sydney, on the premise that students are frequently too busy with their daily responsibilities.

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