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Chris Lewis
August 22, 2023
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What Are The New Rules For International Students In The Uk 2023?

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Attention for all international students! Those of you are planning to study in the UK in 2023. Then hold on; you need to be aware of the changes made by the UK government. The UK government has announced some new rules. To redefine the experience of international students. And they will be in action from the year 2023.

Therefore, if you plan to study abroad in the upcoming session, you must be aware of the new rules, which will help you plan accordingly. But before moving ahead, let's find the reasons behind these actions. And why has the government taken these steps?

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The reason behind new rules and regulations

The main reason behind these changes is the increasing number of migrants in the UK. Because of emerging 'migrant flows,' the UK government has decided to change the rules. According to 'The Office for national statistics 2021, the net migrant figure of the UK is 504,000 from 2021-2022.

That's why in May 2023, "Rishi Sunak" ordered the government to place necessary restrictions on these migrants. Hence the government has emphasized reducing the migrant figures. According to the "India Today" report, as per the new UK visa rules. Students will have to prove they can look after themselves and their dependents.

According to Home Secretary "Suella Braverman

The UK is one of the top destinations for the brightest students. To learn at some of the world's best universities. But we have noticed an immense rise in student dependents being brought into the country with visas. These changes aim to shape the country's immigration system. To ensure a fair and efficient process. At the same time, addressing the evolving needs of the nation.

New rules for international students in the UK 2023.

The changes are mainly focusing on student visa immigration rules. And there are two main changes in student visa immigration.

Bringing the dependent's family members to the UK based on a student visa.

From the immediate effect of July 2023. The UK government has reduced the number of dependent visa applications based on student visas. This reduction aims to reduce the migrant figures of the UK. The rule states that international students can not bring their families on student visas. Students can bring their families if they are on a postgraduate course or a research program.

Shifting from a student visa to a work visa.

The UK government has restricted the switching of visas from student to work, such as those for students studying in the UK. They can not switch their visa without completing their courses. Students studying for degrees or postgraduate are allowed to switch their visas. But their employment date should be after the course completion. Students at the Ph.D. level can apply for switching after 24 months of study

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Impact of new rules on the UK

The new rules applied by the UK government have a significant impact.
–The new immigration rules will help decrease the number of migrants in the country.
–This will also impact the UK's economy by decreasing the number of international students.
– This will reduce the workload of visa authorities. And help the Uk government to serve the best students.
–The latest UK immigration rules introduced a points-based system. which prioritises skills and talent.
–Point-based system attracts highly skilled individuals who can contribute to the UK's economy.
–The introduction to the Graduate Route is a significant development for international students studying in the UK.
–Graduate route helps eligible graduates to stay and work in the UK. For up to two years after their course completion.
–This healthcare visa streamlines the immigration process for qualified doctors, nurses, and other healthcare. And make it easier for them to work for the UK's health services.
–The new immigration rules provide a pathway for students to pursue their educational dream in the UK.


For all the new birds who are ready to fly to the UK for further studies. We have briefly discussed all the necessary changes you must know before planning to study.
Because of the increasing numbers of migrants in the UK. The UK government has restricted the switching of visas. And also, now students are not allowed to bring their families on their student visas. That's why you should be aware of the new changes before planning for future UK studies.

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